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Friday, 2 September 2011

'Pick Four' Blog Hop - Day 10!

Now here is a sad thing - it is the last day of the Sue Abrey Pick Four bloghop - boo! I did think that I might manage to have Stepping Stones finished for the end of the tour, but it is nearly - but not quite.

I've quilted three of the four borders, then it's just the ends to bury, a label to attached and the binding, and that's it.

You know, there is no stopping me with the FMQ lark - I would never in a million years have thought that it would this much fun! I think that my days of tracing round a template and sewing round the shape as I did on Helen's Quilt are behind me - quilting Scatty Stars holds no fear for me now!

So for this special last day of the tour, you need to nip over to another Hazel (which is really weird! But only if your name is Hazel, I suppose) at QuiltHaze who has some brilliant photos up, and of course has your last giveaway to enter for a signed copy of Pick Four. Draws are still open at Bejewelled Quilts, SewCalGal, Sew'n Wild Oaks , Sweet P Quilts and at Quilting Prolifically - but get a move on!

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  1. Good for you. The pictures other there are indeed great. To think, what were you doing in 2004? I personally was working my self to pieces at a job I hated.


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