Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sure Progress, Sure Steps...

Finding the time to quilt at the moment is a casualty of the ongoing necessity of having to earn a crust, however, at least I have decided on the borders for Scatty Christmas Stars. The main reason that this was a bit tricky was the quilt is pretty scrappy and I haven't built up a huge amount of coordinating fabrics in my stash as yet.

I must thank everyone for sensible advice and suggestions - isn't the Internet brilliant? - I settled on the grey/beige which I used in the stars as a skinny border, then yellow (a mustard coloured shirt from the charity shop) as an outer border.

I've cut, pieced and am halfway through sewing the inner border, so just the outer border to go and I will have my top finished - must check that I have enough batting for this, and decide on the backing fabric.

Also, I'm giving some thought as to how to quilt this, and copying taking inspiration from Sand and Sunshine, I would like to incorporate stars into the quilting - I think maybe in the railfence blocks and maybe something curvy in the stars to soften the angles....hmm....hmm

I did find time to finish the binding and sew a label for the Pick Four quilt - so here is SURE STEPS all set for sleeping under!

Hurrah, hurrah!

Isn't this a lovely design? Making this has been so much fun, from receiving my copy of Sue Abrey's Pick Four through the post, to taking part in the bloghop, to being able to put together the design with confidence, and having a light bulb moment with my machine quilting!

Thank you again, Sue, and I have my next Project from the book already lined up...


  1. Your Scatty Christmas Stars is looking great! Happy quilting.

  2. Look how great that change in quilting density worked on the border, great job it truly is a marvel sitting there on your bed.

    I think the star border will be easier for you to free motion quilt on your machine than it was for me on my frame. Just take a minute before you start and think about how you will move the quilt and make the stitches to form the border. Without the frame you'll be able to turn the quilt to form the stars more easily, that wasn't an option for me in the frame and two sides of the quilt I had to form the stars backwards, it was fine once I got the hang of it but at the time I really wished I'd practiced on paper first. :-)

  3. Scatty Christmas Stars is looking great, and I love your quilting ideas.

    Sure Steps looks brilliant all bound and finished. The backing you used works so well with the top too.

    I can't wait to see what you're going to do next.

  4. Love the border choices for scatty stars! I just got my copy of Pick Four and cannot wait to start something!

  5. The Pick 4 quilt is beautiful. I love the backing fabric, too. That's a gorgeous project.

  6. Well done you, a label and everything!! I like your border choices for the stars quilt, I'm looking forward to watching your progress with it. You're really motoring along now :o).

  7. Just caught up with your new blog. Like your quilts a lot. Did you know there is an Autumn Quilt Fair at the Three Counties Show ground at the end of October?


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