Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Oh, B*gger

Spot the deliberate mistake. Not.


  1. Oooops! :)

    I can't tell you how many times that happens to me even tho I mark my rulers with tape.

    Happy New Year anyway!

  2. I hate it when that happens:)

  3. Oh Grr! Hopefully you have enough fabric to recut? Or is a a sashing or something where everything could be cut down to match?

  4. I should have marked the ruler with tape, Sequana - great tip, thank you (even if it is not totally foolproof!)

    Nice to know I'm not alone, anyway girls!

    I've got away with it this time, Elizabeth...

    Oh - there was NO PORT drunk during the cutting of this fabric!!:-)


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