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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Christmas Quiltalong, September - pt4

I know what I meant to ask you all, but in between clearing up all that sticky honey in the kitchen and prancing about in my cossie, it totally slipped my mind.

I wanted to hear all about your oldest Christmas decoration and the story behind it - or your most treasured, if you wish.

I might be able to rustle up a little something for the best tale.

(note: best tale does not necessarily mean one most likely to tug the heartstrings - funny/interesting carries as much weight as tales of orphan matchgirls or deathbed aged great-grandparents).

Right - I'm off to attach borders.


  1. I am going to have to think about this one overnight, but right now I need to go and supervise the crowds at the last night of the Proms.

  2. Wow, my oldest Christmas decoration is a Santa made from an egg shell that they removed the egg keeping the shape intact. My sister made it for me. She is 14 years younger than me. It is my only Santa,(I'm not really into Santa) but because she made it I have kept it all these years. She is 44 years old so it must be 36 years old or so. Good memory, thanks for taking me back there.

  3. I'm not sure what the oldest decoration is because I have some from both of my grandparents's trees so that goes way back. My favorite is a Rudolph ornament from my parents' tree. It's cute and I remember as a child getting excited to see it come out of the box and get put on the tree. Thanks for hosting today, Hazel. You are a wonderful host.

  4. I have some very old (+ 50 years) decorations but my most treasured is a Jim Shore 'Heartwood Creek' figure. She's a Snowlady holding a bowl of apples and I came across her unexpectedly in Appleby (of all places!) on the first occasion I took the darling Mr Hairy for acupuncture so she has only been part of the family for four years.

    As you know, whilst acupuncture can't prolong life it truly improved the quality of Ollie's last year. We already had some Heartwood Creek decorations and have since purchased many more, but my Apple Lady will always be terribly special.

  5. I still have all those 'tacky' ornaments my kids made - home and school projects. Some of the macaroni is gone or broken, parts missing, and glitter has gone with wear, but I love them all in their memories. My kids are late 20's,early 30's now. (we came thru the tornado intact)

  6. I have a small collection of plastic bells and stars of various sizes. The ornaments are faded with peeling paint. A few are chipped or otherwise damaged. Being 50+ years old a few imperfections are to be expected.

    My collection is well loved. I no longer hang these on the tree. I make a special arrangement which I place in a basket far away from claws, paws and jaws - otherwise known as Ms Cha Cha Cat.

  7. Well, sit down and pull up a chair for this tale. One Christmas my Mother made felt stockings with sequins on them.....all nine of the stockings had names written on them in gold paint. She worked on the stockings for weeks right up until Christmas Eve. My sister and I had absolutely no idea what she was up to.....the whole process was a secret.

    My mom was excited to give us our presents Christmas morning. Keep in mind, my sister and I were in our 40's and we always loved getting presents....especially presents from Mom. Well, I was the first to open my present and there were three stockings in the box for me. Our Mom had made stockings for all of the cats we ever had in our life. The names written in gold paint were all names of my dead cats! Wendolyn, Tigger and Whiskers. Yes, dead cats. I called my stockings the Dead Cat Society for years. My sister received six dead cat stockings! To this day, twenty years later, we still laugh about the stockings. (Maybe this is why I have a dog!) --Lynn

  8. I've been thinking and thinking about this. I've decided that my favourite decoration is the Christmas tree. Big trees, little trees, indoor trees, outside trees, real trees, artificial trees, I just love them all. I only have a small house, but manage to have 5 trees indoors of various sizes, then there's the 6 small path-liner trees outside plus lights draped all over a conifer tree outside. Yep, my vote obviously goes to trees.

  9. I have a wee Christmas stocking that was my little sisters. She passed away before her first Christmas, but growing up I always put it on the tree for her. When I moved out on my own I took it with me and still put it on the tree every year. Although I never knew her it makes me feel like she is still part of the celebration.


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