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Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Small and Rather Meanspirited Rant

Google is a modern marvel, it really is.

I can find anything out about anything with just by typing in a few words.
I can look at any High Street or neighbourhood anywhere in the world as if I am walking down the road.
I can express myself by blogging all about my hobbies, words and pictures
I can 'meet' and talk to a wonderful variety of virtual friends from all cultures and corners of the world

And this is all FREE, gratis, no money changes hands - how about that!

But I have become used to being spoilt by all this FREE cleverness, so when Google decides to have a funny five minutes it is VERY IRRITATING INDEED.

For the last few days I have not been able to view certain blogs properly, or to see comments made on the posts that I can only see the top bit of, and I cannot post. I have logged out, logged in. Cleared my cache. Cleared my history. Cleared the thing where Internet Explorer remembers all your passwords and bits of information for form filling.

The result of this strip-down of information is that I still cannot see or comment on a number of blogs properly (it was QuiltSue's earlier this week; today it is Bilbo's) - and now I have to remember all my sodding passwords for every single site where I have an account or I am a member.



  1. Ooops ..... you're in good company, Country Bumpkin can't comment at Bag End either.

    Don't worry, tonight I can't comment on Weaver of Grass, or Florida Farm Girl, or numerous others ...

    just watch, this comment will disappear when I press Publish

  2. A lot of the problem is Internet Explorer. Get a different browser and your problem will probably be solved.

  3. that's just adding insult to injury! I use firefox and haven't had any problems yet ...

  4. I know a few people have had trouble with me, and the general cure seems to be to change to either Firefox, or most recently, Chrome. I now use Chrome and have not had any problem with anyone. Now watch it all go horribly wrong today!

  5. Probably asking for trouble to say this but ... I have no problems with Firefox on the iMac but great difficulty leaving comments when using laptop/Windows 7/Firefox.

    Operating system seems to play a part, not just the browser.

  6. What a pain in the rear, and while I hate to sound like the choir (even in such a great group) I dumped Internet Explorer for Safari for PC I think about two years ago and have been very happy since.

    Though just to be the other voice, have you tried to update your current web browser? Often they will start to hiccup when there is an update, which you can find by googling your current browser's name with the word update after it. Best of luck!

  7. For some reason I can comment on your blog, but I can't comment on Quilt Sue's which worries me. The page just goes blank. I seem to have problems only with oversea's blogs, but then again not all of them. And I don't want to change internet providers, but will look into it if this continues. What a pain!

  8. My techie friend said it has something to do with the fact that google owns blogger and wants people to use google chrome instead of internet explorer. I don't know if that is true, but I had a lot of problems with blogger back in August and when I made the switch to Chrome i haven't had a problem since.

  9. Excellent advice, all - thank you.

    My PC runs on Windows XP, and I've been using Internet Explorer 8 as my browser (I can't update to IE9 as it is not for use with Windows XP, just the newer Windows versions).

    I resent being bullied by Google into using it's own browser, rather than the one that I choose to use (it's like Google makes me have a googlemail address for my Android smartphone. I don't want a googlemail address - I have a perfectly good Hotmail address, but without googlemail, I can't download apps on the phone), but I do have to admit that Google Chrome installed in a moment, is much quicker at loading pages than IE used to, and it was easy to import my favorites too.

  10. Sorry, didn't mean to be quite so terse! got interrupted.



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