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Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Commission - but Second Guessing!

Remember the 2012 Festive Mystery quilt?

I gave mine, called 'Festive Holly' to my under-the-weather Godmother, who showed it to her niece, who would now like me to make a quilt for her.


My Godmother wants to gift the this quilt, and this week dropped me a note to commission me for the piece. She asks me to produce a single-bed size quilt, to co-ordinate with the (enclosed) peach tie back.  Request: peach (to match, or darker); cream.

Of course, although that gives me a pretty free rein, it doesn't give me a lot to go on, either! I do want to turn something round pretty quickly on this one - let's just say that Godmother is not in the best health and it would be best to crack on with the project.

I don't know the room for which this quilt is heading - so with the vague brief, I'm having to second guess what Godmother Merris' niece Eleanor would like.

I had a brainstorming session with my colleague Rita this lunchtime, and we worked out the QuiltSue's 'Starstuck' design is perfect (from her book 'Pick Four') - albeit with the odd tweak.

As we're working to a single bed size, there's been a bit of maths going on here to resize Sue's blocks from 12" to 10" - which I am still not sure about - then I'm going to add a flying geese border top 'n' bottom to rejig the size to suit. Headache's all round!!

I'd love to make as a scrappy quilt, but find that my limited stash is short of enough peaches to suit. So I've had a recce at Hobbycraft - a craft chain which includes a limited fabric range - this evening.  The darker fabric isn't a 100% tonal match, but has the advantage of being cut price £14/m to £6/m.  The lighter fabric is spot on - but £14/m.

So, the jury is still out - and I need a mid tone too.  I guess that I'd get what I need from the big (by our standards) quilt shop across the city, but hope that I can pull what I need from the smaller wool and craft shop just a few miles away, which I will pay a visit to tomorrow.

 Any thoughts that you might have, girls, I would appreciate.


  1. I applaud you for tackling this assignment. I'm not much help with fabric selections - that's always the hardest part for me. Good Luck.

  2. I enlarged the photo to see the pattern better and it looks like just three fabrics. So your cream and the peach you got - add a soft blue or soft brown with a little peachy floral in it and you will good to go.

  3. What a compliment to you. Well done. Thanks too for settling on Star-Struck.

    I love Sharon's suggestion of adding a soft blue. Also, remember the quilt is not going to have the tie-back on top of it, so an "almost" match should be fine.

    If you need any help with re-sizing, just let me know.

  4. I agree with the ladies! And I especially agree with that price for the peach! Will look forward to seeing your progress!

  5. Congratulations on your commission! I like the darker peach fabric. Having tonal variations encourages eye movement in a space. I, too, like the soft blue idea or perhaps a soft green. Enjoy your project.

  6. I think you are going in the right direction and should trust your instincts. Blue and peach, green and peach; they both go well together. They are both opposite or near so on the color wheel and so is blue-violet. I would probably look for a floral with lots of colors besides the peach. Yellow would be pretty, too. I'm no help Hazel. I see too many possibilities, but know that you are the one who has to work with what the stores can offer you. I'm so happy for you that your talent in quilting is being recognized.

  7. Thank you, everyone for all your helpful input! Now I have the fabric, and Sue has emailed me the cutting list for the resized blocks, I'm good to go!

    Gotta love quilters! Cheers, girls!


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