Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

I'm so Excited!

Needle, Thread, Happiness

I'm a busy bee getting my outstanding sewing jobs out the way in time for the Christmas Quiltalong this weekend (haven't you heard?).

The scarecrow is still faceless - I like him - although my mum says that it is the creepiest thing that she has ever seen, and my neighbour jumps every time he comes round the corner into the courtyard.  But Domino cat is quite happy to share his company - I thought I saw him on his lap, but perhaps that was a trick of the light...

The camera case has moved on a-pace - I've taken on board a tutorial on how to bind internal corners and was making great progress this evening, until I realised my binding strip is too short. *Sigh.

I did measure, but didn't account for enough for the corners, I guess.  So, a joining strip on tomorrow, binding finished and sewn down; a velrco opening strip to be hand-sewn on, and we're done!

And THEN it's time this weekend for Christmas Quiltalong! Hurrah hurrah!  So the plan here is to join in with a spot of Christmas season quilting.  If we can do a little an often on our festive projects we won't be are less likely to be running round like the headless turkey come December!

And if you want to really join in the fun, well, QuiltSue has thrown down the gauntlet and set us all a CHALLENGE!  Will you pick up the gauntlet?  Can you come up with a Christmas project within the size parameters not using red or green fabric?? Oh my!

On the first Christmas Quitlalong weekend in June over at Joanna's we all fainted with the tricky nature of this one - but are we to be defeated? NO! Heads were scratched, plans were made, fabric was pulled and designs contemplated.

This will be the second session - and I can't wait to see what we've come up with!  It's not too late to come and play along with us - the more the merrier (and I'm not just talking about the sherry. eggnog, bucks fizz etc etc).   There will be decorations, nibbles, party hats, cats, festive drinks - maybe a challenge or two, maybe recipes - who knows!

I'll have a Mr Linky set up on my QAL page this Saturday morning - do sign up any time over the weekend when you can, and come and join the Christmas party!


  1. Binding internal corners . . . you are no longer allowed to claim you're a beginner :}

    Must go, shopping to do, visitors to feed!

  2. Looking forward to this weekend and getting in some Christmas sewing; my favorite.


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