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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Christmas QAL - September pt5 - Brains needed!

Happy Sunday morning to one and all!  I hope you are all enjoying your sewing this weekend and nipping round the world to see what we're all up to?  Good!

I've got the kettle on here, so help yourself to coffee and gingerbread men.

I'm nipping out for an hour - but to keep you on your toes, what about a Christmas Quiz?

See how you get on with this lot, and I'll see you later!

  1. Good King Wenceslas was not actually a king but a duke, over which country was he duke? 
  2. According to Swedish folklore, which animals pull Santa's sleigh? 
  3. Which country is the largest exporter of Christmas trees? 
  4. In which modern country did Saint Nicholas spend most of his life? 
  5. Which North American city started the tradition of a Christmas parade? 
  6. In which country is JOULUPUKKI the equivalent of Father Christmas? 
  7. Where is the first decorated Christmas tree thought to have originated? 
  8. In which country are the Christmas presents delivered by the JOLASVEINAR [or Christmas Goblins]?
  9. In which region of the World do JONKONNU parades take place on December 26th? 
  10. From what do Christian children in Syria receive their Christmas presents?


  1. 1.Bohemia 2.goats 3.Denmark 4.Turkey 5.Peoria,Illinois 6.Finland 7.Germany 8.Iceland 9.The Bahamas 10. the youngest camel of the three wise men.

  2. Bohemia. Goats. Canada. Turkey. Toronto. Finland.
    Latvia. Iceland. Caribbean. There seems to be some controversy over whether it's a camel or Father Christmas!

    Phew. I'm glad I did those before we went out for lunch. Now I'm going to blob with an old film and coffee.

  3. Thanks for the nibbles!!!! I'm so glad i get to play this month. Last month we were on vacation. So I have catching up to do!!!!

  4. Those cookies look scrumptious! Back to my dresdens!


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