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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Christmas QAL - September pt6 - George says 'Hello'

How are you all getting on this afternoon?  I'd better go and have a look round the world in a mo - it's my favourite part of the QAL!

I've been to see Grumpy George at the plot - it feels quite autumnal now and all the plants are a bit shabby, but George is busy looking after the big light green squash at his feet, and keeping the corn safe from the wicked pigeons!

I hope you all enjoyed coffee and gingerbread men whilst I was out? Did no one spot my two naughty gingerbread men in the last post - tell me where they are and I might have a little prize! Tee hee!

I've been upstairs to sort out the sashing on my Christmas project, and it's all coming together quite nicely.  I can't put off any longer 'doing something applique' with the flames for the candles, so I might have another go at that shortly.

In the meantime, I'm going to have a bite to eat, and a catchup.

See you later.


  1. Aren't you the naughty one...I see a little girl and a little boy cookie! But I had to enlarge the picture to find it! Glad Grumpy George is being useful in the garden! I have two more dresdens to make...off I go!

  2. Yes what are they up to in the corner?

  3. I see the little girl and boy in the right hand lower corner. Perhaps we should eat them first!

  4. You are a clever one. Well, I'm the guest who just grabs a cookie and shoves it in her mouth without looking, so I missed the naughty happenings. I have to say old George is standing up pretty well after all this time.

  5. Are you going to machine applique the flames? If so I'm sure we can give you some tips. The naughty gingerbread men are on the bottom right hand corner. You must have missed with the icing bag.(giggle)

  6. How VERY naughty! Love it. Sorry I was AWOL yesterday, so didn't get a chance to see them earlier.


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