Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Christmas Quiltalong! May, pt2

I'm not making very quick progress today - there seems to have been a lot keeping me away from the sewing machine.

On the plus side, being in the kitchen no longer constitutes a health hazard, there are fewer cat hairs on every surface and dinner is cooking in the oven. On the down side, I've only got as far as laying out the two blocks ready for sewing.

I'm going to have dinner then hope to get at least the blocks sewn and pressed - and maybe make the quilting template for Spring Garden Trellis, and (pushing my luck timewise) perhaps quilt a practise block...


  1. I'm impressed - a super clean kitchen, dinner in the oven and quilt blocks ready to sew together. That's a pretty good day so far.

  2. Did you do the same thing I did and orient the stars in different directions? Maybe you are doing it intentionally, but mine was a mistake, and I'm leaving it that way. I take my cat everywhere I go because I usually have cat fur on me somewhere.

  3. You're doing better than me, as I haven't started my blocks yet!

    Rice Bags - Grown Ups size - one fat quarter cut in half across the ~18" so you have two pieces around 9"x22". You'll be sewing these together as though they are one piece of fabric - Stack together and sew a single side seam. Turn the tube so that the seam you just sewed is in the middle facing you - not on the edge. Next sew the first end closed.

    Turn your tube to flip the seams to inside, add rice. Lastly fold top into the tube and stitch across the top. All done. Easy. If you want I can post a picture tutorial on my blog. Just let me know.

  4. Oh yes, and fat width of your sewing foot clothing seams like 1/2" to 5/8" seams - we're making rice bags, not quilting. hehehe With your plot I can't help but wonder how you have time to quilt!

  5. Pat yourself on the back, you've done WAY more quilting than me {giggle}.

    Don't forget to quit before you get tired ......

  6. I am having the same problem of actually getting time to sit and work! I swear the family is conspiring!!!

  7. I hope you have enjoyed your Sew-Along Day though some things have cut into your sewing time. I haven't sewed a stitch yet but am cutting out the parts.

  8. I still have my blocks to cut and piece! Yours are looking wonderful! AND a clean kitchen! I'm impressed!

  9. Sounds like we all got a bit distracted yesterday, at least we made a start! I faded in the evening I'm afraid, but hope to crack on today.

  10. Thankyou all! :)

    I'll get there in the end, Sue!

    Yes, Joanna, the one block is laid out like that on pupose - ringing the changes just a little. I quite like the idea of taking the cats with me everywhere I go, even if everyone else just thinks I'm a scruffy biddy who is covered in cat hair!

    Thank you for the rice bag instructions, S&S - they also will make fine presents, I think! I technically have a winter hobby (quilting) and a summer hobby (growing on the allotment), but I seem to be doing both at the mo...

    I might have been doing more in the way of sewing, Bilbo, but you were hardly idle, were you?

    SewAli had a good plan yesterday, Reenie - she drove her OH some distance from home and left him to walk back - maybe you can adapt this idea...

    I love the QAL days, Karen! :)

    I bet you were busy too, Trudi - the weeds don't let up, do they?

    Your blocks are lovely, Ali - I look forward to seeing if you've managed any more today.


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