Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Six and a Half Down and ... Disaster!

Uh-oh! Just when it was going so well!

I started on the 7th motif, and immediately started to have problems with the needle grazing the metal of the walking foot, as if the foot had slipped slightly down and forwards.

I thought that perhaps the screw fixing the foot to the shank had come a little undone so went to tighten it, but it wasn't that - the screw was tight, but the foot was a bit wobbly on the shank.

Closer inspection revealed that on the plastic/rubber part of the foot which the shank of the machine sits into (and is then secured by the screw), a phlange has split, so the foot is not firmly attached to the shank, thus allowing the foot to slip, and the needle to catch.



  1. Boo and hiss. Can you repair it or will you have to send it back for a replacement?

    By the way, have you decided on your next quilt project yet?

  2. As you say, Sue, I had two choices here - to send it back for a replacement (although that means waiting till after the bank holiday), or attempt a bodge with superglue (in which case I would not be able to send it back).

    I reckon that the superglue bodge is unlikely to be a long-term solution, so although patience is not my strong suit and I'm sure that a replacement won't get to me before next weekend, I've sat on my hands - will get in touch with C9stores tomorrow.

    As for the next project - two lap sized quilts for the cats, I think. I had germ of an idea about a month ago and sent a (very!) rough sketch layout to Bilbo just to see if she thought it do-able.

    When I turn my mind to it more fully, I'll put it to the gang of four - I'll need help (as ever!) as it'll be a 'home design' and not from given instructions. (What was that about running before I could walk?!)

  3. Oh Bummocks (as Flummery would say). I turn my back for a couple of days and look what happens .... sorry I am late to this, have you sent the busted foot back yet? How incredibly frustrating for you.

    You do know you must change your needle (the point probably got grazed off when it hit the foot)?

    Lap/cat quilts - double aarrgh - that message is on the other computer (never got round to transferring emails to the Mac ... oh dear, better fire it up at some point and see what else I haven't replied to). BTW, nothing wrong with "home design', and yours was particularly lovely!

  4. Foot went back in the post yesterday, Bilbo, C9stores are sending a replacement as soon as they get it.

    You raise a question on needles sizes which I meant to ask you all about some time ago - I've inherited a couple of mixed packs as well as some marked as '90's. Which size would you recommend for piecing and/or quilting?

    Don't worry about the lap/cat quilt info - I not only know that you said this is something that could be done, but I also have the email exchange here. When I get to look at this I'll forward it & the sketch - but this maybe a project for later in the year, so no rush at the mo.

  5. BLUUURCH ... needle sizes. Something I am useless at unless we're talking industrial needles for longarm machines (which are, sorry to say, not the same as needles for domestic machines).

    Umm ... you could try Ali ???

    If she's not around, email me tomorrow and I'll rummage in the sewing table drawer 'cos I know I have a "needle sizes crib sheet" in there.

  6. From initially finding online the most useless information about needles - including the importance of using the right one (but not giving any hint about which this should be), I then found a very helpful website which told me that thinner needles for quilting are ideal (e.g. english size 70).

    I'm using a 90 in the machine at the mo, but have now bought a mixed pack of 70, 80 & 90's from local haberdashers.


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