Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Four Down, Sixteen To Go...

I've quilted the fourth motif this evening - although I'm not going to attempt to post a pic, given that blogger is playing silly beggars at the mo. I can't log in properly, or comment on blogs (yet can still post here) - I wish the techies would get a move on and fix it.

Quilting the Spring Garden Trellis quilt is rather like '10 green bottles', but with 20 quilt motifs - and at one or possibly two motifs per session, it's going to go on a bit. I'm afraid that the countdown to zero will be a bit tedious for you lot, although not so much for me - after all, this is the first time I have quilted (besides the placemats/runner), so I have a novelty factor to keep my interest going.

But never fear, it's only a couple of weeks until the next Christmas quiltalong day, though, so that will break things up a bit!


  1. Hazel, YOU might think it's going to go on a bit but I assure you that compared to many (myself included) you are moving at breakneck speed.

    The important thing is to remember that you're meant to be enjoying this {giggle} and it's OK to put it aside for a week or so if you have other stuff you want to do.

  2. No, it's not going to go on a bit for us, I think we're all enjoying watching your progress, and being rather amazed at just how quickly you've progressed. As Bilbo said, it is not compulsory that you finish one quilt before you start the next one - I used to work like that, but recently have found that I prefer to have a few things on the go, all at different stages. Right now, I have one I am cutting, 2 needing borders, 1 waiting to be quilted and 1 where I am just about to start burying the threads. Variety!

  3. Hee hee, I won't confess how many WIPs (works in progress) I have, but there is a clue on my quilting blog. When I'm quilting a big quilt with motifs I try not to count how many are left until I can see just a few spaces, otherwise it can be a bit intimidating. But we all work in different ways and I'm enjoying seeing your progress here. You will also get quicker as you go along.

  4. Hmm - I'm not sure about having too many quilts on the go at any one time. For me, I suspect that it would mean that the quilt waiting for the job I like the least will keep being put to the bottom of the pile.

    Despite my best intentions, my In Tray works on precisely this principle.


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