Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Steady Progress & Thinking Ahead

Just in case anyone has been missing the most blogged-about quilt in the world, here's a pic of progress to date - that's 13 motifs down, and 7 to go.

Must get the knack of free motion quilting, which would eliminate the generation of quite as many ends - the sewing in of which is really tedious.

I spotted these jolly curtains for a fiver in the charity shop today - If I bottle out of using this PATTERNED fabric, then they will be great for backing fabric.

And talking of patterns, I bought this cotton skirt in Tesco the other day - it's so pretty and summery.

Then I had a bit of a brainwave - if I wait for it to be knocked down to half price and buy the tent-like size 22 which I suspect will be left of the rack, that's a heck of a lot of quilting potential...


  1. Very cute post. The Most Blogged About Quilt is looking good to me. Your attention to detail shows. You still have to stop and go in FMQ unless your design is a continuous one, but that is definitely the part I don't care for either. I agree that the fabric in your new skirt is lovely.

  2. The most blogged about quilt is looking great, and you're more than half way now. Try easy threading needles for sewing in ends, they speed things up no end (hee hee).

  3. I love the name for your quilt! I'm also with Sewali about the needles - they are brilliant for burying ends. I love that you are already planning ahead for the next quilt too.

  4. For someone who isn't sure about patterned fabric - there's a lot of flowers on that skirt {grin}, it's lovely though.

    Excellent idea to wait for the "tent" to be reduced in a sale. I once bought a man's cotton shirt, XXL, for £2.25 ... yielded over 1 metre of lovely fabric. I also raid charity shops for the same, trouble is, I then end up wearing them for gardening!

  5. If I never have to sew another end in again, it will be too soon, Joanna - the plan of a continuous quilt line is a good one, I think!

    Aha - easy threading needles! You kept THAT to yourselves! Another top tip, and for 86p for a pack of 6 in Wilko, an absolute snip! I think this may transform my life...

    Yes, I have a Plan for the next project, Sue - I'll need help with it, I think (what's new?!), but at least I am gathering suitable fabric.

    Cotton curtains from the charity shops offer terrific value for money, Bilbo, but cotton shirts/dresses seem to have smaller prints on them, which (I'm guessing now) are better suited for quilting.


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