Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Friday, 17 June 2011

A Voyage of Self Discovery

I discovered two things this evening whilst gazing lovingly at the bolts of fabric in Hobbycraft (handily close to the Supermarket on the retail park half a dozen miles from home).

I discovered where they keep the roll-ends and offcuts which they sell off at a cheap price - these three pieces (1yd, 1 ¾ yd and ½ yd respectively) work out at just over £3 a yard.

And I also discovered that I still cannot get to grips with patterned fabric.


  1. Did you take home the fabric in the first pic? It's pretty. Funny thing, I shopped at Joann's Fabrics today, and was amazed at the increase in the price of cotton. I know the fabric websites are mentioning it, but seeing it when I needed white background fabric made me pause.

  2. They are lovely fabrics, and what a great price. As for the patterned fabrics, you must buy what talks to you, and those that you show look great to me.

  3. They're going to be your quilts, so you must buy the fabric that you like, as Sue says. Even if you have a patterned fabric, you need plains to set it off, so they'll always come in handy - and of course who can pass up fabric at that price?! The red dimples fabric looks like the one I bought for my Christmas Quiltalong quilt

  4. The fabric walked out of the shop and followed me home, Joanna! ;-) I agree with what you say about the price of cotton - quiltmaking is not a cheap hobby (although bargain pieces like these do please the purse!)

    I may be tempted into a pack of fat quarters, or another jelly roll (but with patterns), Sue - then I KNOW that they will go together and I will learn a bit about matching.

    The red dimples are the same as in your QAL quilt, Ali, I'm sure - I recognised it when I was in the shop.

  5. Your new fabrics are Absolutely Fabulous, dahhrling .... Seriously, they are great - what we mean when we refer to "reads as a plain".

    it's OK if you don't feel comfortable with deeply patterned fabric. Some of the greatest quilt-makers at the end of the 20th century only used plains - Caryl Bryer-Fallert, Michael James, Nancy Crow. You're in exaulted company!

  6. PS: I am also deeply envious. I would have brought all three of those fabrics home with me too.

    Used to have a HobbyCraft 5 miles away and it was uber tempting. Now the nearest are Gateshead, Preston, Glasgow .... all 100+ miles, boo hoo.

  7. It's not that I don't want to use patterns, it's just that I don't understand yet how & when they either blend or jar - it's partly this 'values' thing again, I think, Bilbo.

    And I think that swapping the ability to shop conveniently at Hobbycraft for what you have now was a pretty good trade!


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