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Friday, 17 February 2012

Changing My Mind...

Now, I know that I loved my Mystery Quilt fabrics when I cut them last weekend, but chatting with my colleague Rita on Monday, and showing her online how we all got on, and my fabric all cut ready for the next step, she said, "Oh! They're lovely - and some of your medium and light fabrics really blend in, don't they?"

NO! They are not supposed to blend in!!

She redeemed herself well when she suggested, "Actually, I think I have some gold holly leaf fabric on a cream background - would you like me to bring it in to see how it looks?"


Yes, please, that would be very kind - which it was, and the fabric is beautiful, and exactly right.

Whilst I was ringing the changes, the soft off-white curtain lining is a better 'fit' for the background too - so more cutting for me this weekend.

Oh, and I have an exciting trip out to Birmingham Rag Market tomorrow morning - just for a little look, you understand...


  1. Please wash the curtain lining at least twice before you cut it . . . how many times do you want to me type "major shrinkage risk"?

    1. Given my experience with The Incredible Shrinking Cream fabric which I used both for Scatty Stars and Sure Steps, I take your advice very seriously, Bilbo. The curtain lining has been through the wash once, but a whack through with the sheets in the morning will do it no harm.

      True to your adage of 'not all cottons are created equal', this lining is soft - almost brushed cotton - it replaces a cotton print which is so fine I could read the paper through it. I may use this as backing as it is fine and I have a hundred miles of it (although the pale blue print goes not a jot with the gold/cream/green/red theme of the top). Plenty of time to square that particular circle. :-)

  2. Choosing the fabric is fun, but also a really
    "back and forth" operation, for me at least. I guess Rita spotted something those of us online couldn't see, so good thing you had her input. You can always incorporate the other cut pieces into the backing or make a mugrug.

    1. I don't think that any of us find choosing fabric easy, Joanna! That's one of the reasons that a whole group of us doing the same quilt design is most instructive, I think - I loved seeing all the versions of Scatty Stars last year!

      Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to see what's in front of you - but also the photos we put online suffer from photography variations along with how our monitors 'see' the colours. I took most my pics for Scatty Stars last year under artificial lights in the attic room where I sew, but one or two pics were taken in daylight - it looked like a different quilt!

      If I am to incorporate 152 various sized background squares and 96 light pieces, that's one heck of a lot of mugrugs! ;-)

    2. that's one heck of a lot of mugrugs!

      or a new business opportunity {snortle}

      or all your Christmas/birthday presents for the next 8 years . . .

  3. It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind! I find sometimes in block of the month blocks, that sometimes I change fabrics after I have cut them out.
    What ever works!

    1. I quite agree, Lesley - and it's not as if the cut fabric will be wasted, as Joanna says.

  4. I agree with what you say about it being interesting to see how different the same design looks in different colours. As for choosing the colours, it's never been easy for me either, which is why I am happier with a limited number of fabrics. I know Bilbo will pop in here and tell us that one mistake among 57 fabrics will not show, but I am not convinced about that!

  5. I find it so fascinating how the blocks and colours work with each other than I did toy with the idea of only ever making one quilt design just in all different colourways. I did snap out of that!

  6. I changed up my one of my fabrics too, though I haven't cut the new ones yet and hadn't cut first set either... I'll get to it, just as soon as my new cutting mat gets here. :-D


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