Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Second Saturday of the Month Coming Up...


...which means that it's just four days to go until the first of 2012's monthly Christmas Quiltalong days! Hurrah!

So - I think that it would be sensible to just say what the Christmas Quiltalong is - you never know, you might want to join in too!

As Sue says, "It's a day when we lock ourselves away*, work on our projects, post from time to time about our progress during the day, go and visit the other people who're taking part to see what they're up to, maybe eat a little festive something (chocolate's always good) and generally give ourselves almost a "retreat day".

During the course of it, cos it's difficult to stay serious for too long, there could be some fun bits, maybe a little quiz, some suitable music, that sort of thing, and there might be prizes too!"

Now that sounds like a heap of fun, doesn't it? Especially when I tell you that there will be instructions issued each month for a Mystery Quilt - which we'll do a bit of each month, and then have a grand Show Off Day later in the year when it's done.

And by doing a bit each month (or any other Christmas project of your choice, of course), it should help prevent that Christmas Eve panic when you are rushing to sew the binding on to Great Aunt Nelly's quilt to wrap it before she arrives in half an hour for sherry and mince pies.

*If you are having trouble locking yourself away, take a tip from Ali who last year drove her husband a healthy distance away from home, dropped him off with some sandwiches and a flask and left him to make his own way back. I can see this catching on - and if you want a little more time to yourself, you could always blindfold him on the way out and drop him in an unfamiliar area.

So where do we go from here?

Well, we have a different hostess for each of the Quiltalong days, and I'm the first, so you want to be rolling up here on Saturday morning when I'll have a Mr Linky up and running where you can pop your blog details (then we can all visit each other though the day and have a nose at what we are all up to), and then I can email the first instructions through for the Mystery Quilt.

All together now, " Oh, I wish it could be Christmas every daaaaaaaaaaay..."


  1. Oh dear, where did you find that video? I'm so old I remember this the first time round ...

  2. I'm so ready. Okay I'm not ready at all, and I don't even know what I'll be working on. But you can bet I'll find something ;-)

  3. I'll be there. I just wish I knew what I'm going to be working on!

  4. PS Never mind Bilbo, I'm so old I can remember my kids watching it!

  5. You've peaked my interest! Especially the line about it being Christmas Eve and stitching the binding on a quilt (been there more than once)!! :0)


  6. Very exciting can't wait to take part...!!!

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I'm honoring you with the Versatile Blogger award.

  7. Hi, I'll be in tomorrow! Thank you for hosting a fun party this month!

  8. I'm late. I'm late. I'm late for a very important date. I did not get started on the quilt-along until late in the evening and it was too late to do a post. So, I did a post this morning showing my progress. I will be around to visit the others this afternoon.


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