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Friday, 8 June 2012

Oh, B*gger!

You know that I'm taking part in the 13km Great Midlands Fun Run on Sunday?

And you know that I sewed my name on to the front of my vest...

...and the back, thoughtfully remembering to leave a gap for my competitor number?

Well I've just read through all the rules and regs in the leaflet that they sent, and buried deep in the small print is that the competitor number has to be worn on your front.

So, I either wear my vest back to front, or I wield Percy Unpicker tomorrow and move my diagonal 'Hazel' to read flat across the front of the vest at the bottom, to leave room for the competitor number.

Why didn't I check this before??


  1. It would be quicker to do nothing and wear the vest back-to-front.

    Only it's got a high back which might not be comfy across your throat - how about a quick re-model and cut another 'scoop' out of the back to match the front?

    PS: and good luck on Sunday.

  2. You're right, Bilbo - it is a bit chokey wearing it backwards, but it'll be as much work altering the neckline as it will be to whip the letters off and re-position them, I think.

    If I was going to do a proper job, I'd swap the front and back letters, but the easier course of action is just to reposition the diagonal.

    Jury still out!


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