Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Christmas Quiltalong 2013

Now here's a thing - the sun is shining, the blossom is out, and here we are thinking about CHRISTMAS!  Oh yes we are!

For the past couple of years, I've participated in a Christmas Quiltalong, organised by our very own QuiltSue, and it's been fabulous fun!

She has had better things to do this year than mince about in a Santa outfit once a month entertaining all and sundry, but as Joanna at Needle, Thread, Happiness and I are so missing the fun we had, we've decided to put something together for the next six months - and here it is!

Needle, Thread, Happiness

Ta da!

Of course, we can't run the Christmas Quiltalong without Sue's help, so she has come up with a Challenge ready for when Joanna and I we get this thing kicked off next weekend.

Yes, that's right - a whole weekend! We're trying to make it easy for everyone to drop by and join the party, so come along when you can (they'll be a Mr Linky to sign up to) and make sure you blog to tell us all what you're up to - I love to go a-visiting!

Joanna will be hosting the first party next weekend, and she'll be along soon to tell you more about the Challenge - but in the meantime, get those dates in diary, grab the button and tell your friends.

Christmas in June?  You betcha!


  1. You girls are super! I'm ready to get started. Thanks for doing this.

  2. I'm getting excited. How many sleeps till next Saturday?

  3. Me too. I need to maintain this enthusiasm for a week. I can start playing with fabric so I'm ready.

  4. I'll join in too Hazel, as I've pieced the Country Charmer table runner and it sure sounds interesting. I just need to get a handle on the linky thing.

  5. Well done to you all, excellent to spread over a weekend rather than just one day. Perhaps this might be the year I manage to join in?

    (I must not chuckle out loud about someone who, many years ago, said that she couldn't ever see herself making a quilt .....)

  6. Sounds like a party to me! Hope to see you this weekend!


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