Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I’ve been thinking about the basic equipment of quilting – a mat, cutter & ruler. I’ve taken advice from my quilting friend in Cumbria & I think that I have settled on the special offer set available from Creative Grids.

Not one to rush into things, I’m still mulling this over before buying online at the weekend.

I thought that the other (& bigger) equipment of quilting – a table, sewing machine & ironing board – would be more straightforward; after all they are all here together & to hand!

Or rather, they have been all here together & to hand in the attic room for the last ten years - until about a month ago, when the table which was put to its proper use in the new kitchen.

Now this work table is separated from ....

....this sewing machine & ironing board by....

....TWO flights of these stairs.

I will either become incredibly fit running up & down stairs, or – more sensibly – move the sewing machine downstairs to the kitchen. Look, there’s even a little gap for it in the corner with its own socket.


  1. Move the sewing machine, no question about it. You will need more horizontal space around your sewing area than you appear to have here.

    . . . and you will need the attic room for your fabric stash - could be dead handy, vino one side, fabric the other - when you're auditioning fabric for your next masterpiece you don't have to go far for a little tipple to aid the creative process.

    Seriously, if you can bear to leave things out and have your piecing somewhere accessible you will find you get far more done.

    PS: when did you last put a new needle in the sewing machine, sorry, all this pallaver before you even start!

  2. I'm with Bilbo, definitely move the sewing machine. If it's out of sight you won't use it nearly as much, whereas if it's easily accessible (ie you keep falling over it) you will be tempted to snatch 5 mins here and there, and it's amazing how much you can get done like that.

  3. Hi Hazel, Bilbo has told on you, so I'll be able to watch your quilting progress with interest. I live just south of birmingham, so if you ever need some help or want to come and join us on a Weds at the village hall (£3 to cover the rent, a bit more if you want a formal lesson) then you'd be more than welcome! Ali

  4. Oh, and yes, move the machine :o). I do have my iron upstairs and sew downstairs, but it's only one flight and I view it as part of my keep-fit regime. However, if I'm piecing something that needs pressing regularly, then I move it downstairs!

  5. Me again!! Have just seen an extremely simple way of using a jelly roll on someone else's blog: http://trudi-quiltingprolifically.blogspot.com/2011/01/finally-finish.html. I like it, I may even have to use one of my jelly rolls ...

  6. Thanks for the support, girls!

    I would certainly have to get a table for the attic room if I quilted up there, certainly, and the advantage is that there's plenty of space, and I can leave everything out and close the door on it all when I'm done.

    The disadvantage is that it is quite cold up there, & a bit out of the way - I take what you all say about getting more done if it's all to hand.

    It's not as though the kitchen isn't luxuriantly big enough (now), and I can cut out on worktops if that height suits me better, as you said in your email, Bilbo.

    You're my emergency backup for hands-on help if I get in a fix, Ali! :) And I can tell that you are ganging up on me, as Bilbo has already linked me to Trudi's jelly roll quilt! {gg}

    I do rather like having the the quilting equivalent of the godmothers from sleeping beauty looking over my shoulder! ;)


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