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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Project 1 - Tops Finished!

I finished putting the borders on the mats & runner this afternoon – ta da!

I’m finally getting better at ¼” seams – partly out of practise, but more so because I am using a guide as advised. The wodge of post-it notes was a brilliant idea, right up to the point where they unstuck & wandered – I suspect that we use an inferior brand! I popped a length 3mm mounting foam tape on instead, which I had to hand.

What will revolutionise the whole accurate seam business will be using a ¼” quilting foot – although this is proving not straightforward to buy, as all they ones that I’ve found on the internet so far are clip-on feet, which doesn’t suit my ancient machine.

However, the Gang of Four are on the case, & I’ve had a couple of excellent suggestions as to where to go from here, so I’ll get ringing round tomorrow.

Sue’s comments about how to measure & cut borders was very helpful – & although ‘easing to fit’ isn’t the easiest of things for a novice (much undoing of seams!). I’ve got the knack of it now – pin like mad, & stitch the seam on the machine with the slightly longer of the two pieces that you want to match underneath.

Next step – wadding!


  1. Well, now, if you want to know about wadding ... :oD. I like either Warm & Natural or Soft & Bright for table runners, or Insul-Bright if you want them to be heat resistant.

    Wrt the post-it notes, you should be using them as a guide, not pressing the fabric against them so hard that they move LOL!

  2. PS, sorry, I should have started by saying how good the mats are looking so far, the dark fabric gives them a lovely frame.

  3. Ali is right, those mats are looking terrific.

    As well as Sue's excellent advice about adding borders, don't forget the booklets from Tracey which I sent you a link for.

    Also, look at the "Waddipaedia" at www.asding.com and have a chat with one of us when you want more info.

    Interesting re: borders because I was always told to put the shorter piece of fabric on the bottom because the feed dogs will push it more than the top piece ... but if you have spray-starched the fabric to within an inch of it's life and pinned thoroughly (every 2" - 3" for badly behaved borders) then nothing is going to shift*

    * if your machine has a dial where you can adjust the pressure of the presser foot, make sure it's not bearing down too hard.

  4. The mats do look lovely. I 'm sorry I forgot to say about pinning like heck on the borders. That reminds me of something though, has anyone remembered to tell you that when you are pinning, put the pins in at right angles to the edge of the fabric? That way you can, if you're careful, sew over the pins so you don't have to keep stopping to remove them.

    Oh yes and regarding wadding, the Waddipaedia is a very helpful resource for all occasions, but for your current project I think Ali's told you everything you would need to know so you can make a choice.

  5. They look very smart! However, I believe that for table mats and runners, the ideal fabrics are those which feature fruits and vegetables so that if you don't want to eat your sprouts they will be nicely camouflaged when you slide them off your plate.
    No, really, they look fabulous. I bet you're pleased?

  6. Thanks to all for helping with the wadding questions - although I expected four answers from the four of you, not the 15 that I actually got! {gg}. Wadding now ordered, along with a can of spray glue.

    Tracy's borders link that you sent me is excellent, Bilbo - although the other one is a paid-for download, so I haven't looked at that yet, not being at that stage. (and being a bit of a tightwad)

    I've been pinning alternate parallel and perpendicular to the edge, Sue - the parallel pins set back a bit so they are not in the way. With the fabrics pinned both ways, there's no danger of them slipping (hopefully!)

    That would make my mats beetroot coloured, Flum - about the only thing I don't like. Anything else needs to stand out if I knock off the plate so I can whip it back in short order! {gg} And yes, I'm delighted with progress so far - but the proof of the pudding will be in the quilting (rather than the piecing) - I've put one or two garments together (a hundred years ago!), but never worked with wadding...


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