Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Friday, 14 January 2011

Project 1

Colleague Rita has told me to let you all know what I'm planning for Project 1 so that you can advise if necessary, so here we are.

I'm planning to make 4 place mats & a runner out of a charm pack of pink plain & patterned 5" squares. There.

She's also told me that my original Plan was rather ambitiously complicated, so we've thrashed out a compromise.

The place mats will end up being 3 squares by 2 squares in size and then afterwards have a border added:

I start by running three squares together, then I'll cut each 3 square run in half longitudinally, & shift the pieces like this to make a brickwork effect. I can cut off the half bricks from row 2 & 4 and swap them to fill the gaps.

The border will be the plain dark green, backing possibly baby blue.

Your thoughts?


  1. Project 1 looks great. I can't wait to see it in fabrics.

  2. Sounds like A Plan, just make sure you have enough visual contrast between the fabrics otherwise your zig-zag pattern won't show and it will frustrate the hell out of you (ask me how I know this).

    Oh yes, and when cutting fabric, DON'T FORGET TO ADD HALF AN INCH to your finished measurement. So if you want your a square to end up 3" (for example) cut them 3½" - you will lose ¼" on all sides for the seam allowance.

    'Fraid you can't use the half-bricks from rows 2 & 4 to fill in the gaps because they won't be big enough - no seam allowance.

    That lovely new kitchen counter looks like it is being put to good use!

  3. Thank you, Sue - piecing has now moved on from paper to fabric!

    I hope that is is A Good plan, Bilbo! Bring it on!

    Thank you for pointing out about the half-bricks - it would not have occured to me until I was puzzling why the half-brick run didn't fit! The creaking grey matter has now delivered a solution for this involving a few spare plain & patterned squares to halve and tack on the the run as appropriate.


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