Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Sunday, 30 January 2011

More Sandwiching!

I laid out the mats/runner on the insul-bright wadding & cut that to approximate size, then I did the same with the blue backing fabric.

So - all ready to go!

Not quite - I haven't actually started quilting them due to the Gang of Four raising the hitherto unmentioned subject of quilting thread, & the specialised nature thereof.

The other bit of kit that the girls have recommended is a walking foot.

I can see this this would be useful, as even with quite a small sample, & using spray adhesive to stick the sandwich together, the top fabric does it's best to creep as it goes under the machine foot.

Mind you, I did minimise this once I'd discovered how to decrease the pressure of the foot.

On the bright side, the girls have given me some smashing ideas of how to do the quilting stitching, & the practice pieces look pretty good (that's a T for 'top', by the way - I had a top and a bottom on this practice piece, but foolishly used identical fabric for both sides).


  1. The quilting on your practice sandwich looks great.

  2. As Sue says, you've done and grand job there. Now scale it up by 20 and it's a quilt!

  3. Quilting is looking brilliant - err, um, we haven't discussed binding yet, have we?

    Another video tutorial on the horizon? Must be QuiltSue's turn {ducking}

  4. PS: in your top photo - that little gap in the wadding between the four placemats looks just the right size to be a mug mat ....

  5. Thank you, Sue - I just dashed that off, but it must have been beginners luck as tonight's efforts have been much more difficult to get right!

    If I scale it up by 26, I can make an alphabet quilt, Flum - I have a head start with the 'T'!

    JUST a minute, hobbit - I will mostly be absorbing quilting technique before I am ready for binding! {gg}

    The gap in the wadding formed the basis for a practice piece - but you have given me an idea for A Project - after all, look at all that spare Insul-bright...


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