Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Second & Third Attempts

I’ve had another practise at tiny weeny ¼” seams again this evening - & then I had a crack at piecing some bits & bobs of scraps of fabric together.

This attempt was really not very good at all.

You’re eyes are not going funny as you look at this – it isn’t even a parallelogram, it’s just a four sided shape.

I paid rather more attention to the fabric cutting (can’t wait for delivery of cutter/mat/ruler), as well as going goggle eyed over trying to get the seams even for the next attempt.

It is an improvement - each of those nine centre squares is a pretty pleasing 2” square (it looks nothing like, here - so click on the pic to enlarge).

Maybe the next lesson should be learning how to choose fabrics which don’t clash so badly as to induce migraine!


  1. Pretty good I'd say. Ive seen worse-matching seams from quilters who have exhibited quilts! A good tip for checking colours 'go' alright is to put a scrap of each in a big jar, shake them up, and if one screams at you, don't use it! Technically, as I like scrap quilts, I ought to be able to use any colour but even in a blue and yellow quilt there will be one or two of the fabrics I pull out that just fight with the others.

    However, if YOU like the effect, everyone else is wrong!

  2. Well Flum has just said what I was going to really - ie if you like it, it is right. When you're choosing your fabrics, just remember that you need one that is light, one medium and one dark, then you will have the contrast you're looking for. Great work on the block itself, your seams all match up brilliantly.

  3. 1. Those blocks are as straight as many I have seen from so-called experienced quilters. well done you!!!!

    2. There are a couple of different "schools" of thought for putting fabrics together. QuiltSue and SewAli tend to use fewer fabrics in a quilt, often from the same range, and they know that the 4 or 5 they have chosen go beautifully together.

    Flum and I are both of the "why use 5 fabrics if you can squeeze in 50" school of fabric selection.

    My justification is that if I make a boo-boo and the fabric is one of five then 20% of the quilt top will "jar". If I screw it up but the fabric is one of 40 or 50 then you'll hardly notice ....

    However, whether you use 5 or 50 you must do what QuiltSue says and have differences in value (dark, medium and light) or your blocks will not look right.

  4. PS: some of that fabric looks familiar, ha ha ha!

  5. Looking good. Fabric is a living organic thing, it won't always lie flat or be completely square. It has a certain amount of give and can be persuaded to fit to an extent. And of course once you get it on the wadding it will also even out a certain amount. It's all a matter of degree, obviously there will come a point where a design feature becomes a mistake and there will be no hiding it LOL! And don't worry, we've all done it at some point.

  6. Thanks girls for you kind comments about my matching seams - I'm guessing that the severe concentration that I have to use at the moment in order to get each seam right will lessen with practise!

    Thank you for the points about choosing contrasting light/dark fabrics - I was thinking maybe patterned vs plain, but now I've looked at some more finished quilts online I see that you are quite right. I've been doing fabric selection for project 1 tonight - such fun!

    I think that some of my piecing together may need a little 'persuading', Ali - I've discovered that there is a bit of a 'wriggle room' that you have when pressing...


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