Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Practice & Thinking Ahead

I put my wadding order in today - there are about a zillion different types, so it took a great deal of head scratching, even after having taken lots of sensible advice.

I've bought a heat resistant type for the mats and runners, & enough of a cotton/poly mix to do both Project 2 (below), & the jelly roll quilt, which will be Project 3 (this is where we came in, I think).

Project 2 will be the Christmas Quiltalong which is being organised by QuiltSue & Shakerwood. There will be step by step instructions to make a festive quilt in time for Christmas - one day a month as a sort of global quiltathon on the second Saturday of each month.

A bit daunting, however Sue says that it should be suitable for the novice quilter, & (lets face it) it's not as if I haven't got enough help if I get in a mess.

I've been practising my seams in readiness - and this natty chain piecing where you zoom a number of seams through the machine one after another to make a string of flags which are then separated & pressed.

It doesn't half speed things up (assuming that you remember to put right sides together - d'oh!) & meant that I put this nine block run together in next to no time this evening. I also tried some hourglass squares, which looked great until it all went a bit wrong & I ended up with a pointy ended tube of fabric...


  1. Whooo hooo! No stopping you now. Well done for getting to grips with chain-piecing (did we have a conversation about stitch length?)

    Your latest piece is very impressive - you have all the stripes running the same way (most of us would have at least one of them turned 90 degrees and have to unpick).

    Does some of the fabric look a tad familiar {giggle}

  2. Getting the bit between our teeth now, aren't we? I went shopping yesterday for some more red fabrics for the quilt I'm doing for an old work colleague (work is old, not her!) and I saw some jelly-roll strips in a colour combination called Cappucino. It followed me home - there are always several projects in the pipeline!

  3. I was pleased with my chain-piecing, Bilbo! But no, we didn't talk about stitch length - what should I be thinking about?

    I did have to do unpicking when I hadn't done right-sides-together a couple of times! Yes you recognise the fabric - and it send my eyes funny - the photo doesn't do justice to how bright it is!

    Darn those jelly rolls with legs, Flum! I'm still having to exercise iron will when walking past the charity shops not to buy cotton duvet covers!


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