Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Binding III

Now I have three mats with the binding stitched on, pinned, and ready to hand-sew the binding to the reverse.

Reverse view of binding pinned to mat:

Front view:

I'm not going to get these done quite in time for the weekend, before the first of the Christmas Quiltalongs, but I won't be far off.

Oh, and I think that I win this week's prize for merrily machining away the longest length of seam with no cotton in the bobbin...


  1. I hope you are feeling PARTICULARLY pleased with yourelf because no-one who saw these mats would believe they are your first item of patchwork. The binding looks excellent, and well done on the mitred corners.

    As for prizes - no, I assure you that you DO NOT win the prize for sewing without bobbin thread, especially as you were not stitching An Extremely Large And Heavy curtain which Had Taken An Age to pin into place and you didn't remove each pin as you got to it (because sewing over pins is not good for your machine!)

    Feel better now?

  2. hee hee, you'll never be the first to any sewing calamity Hazel, we've all been there at some time or other! Well done with the mats, they're looking really professional.

  3. As the others have said, sorry, no prize for you. We've all been there, done that. Mind you, some people learn from a mistake like that and only do it once. Me? Just don't ask!

  4. Don't you just hate it when that happens? (Actually, I say that a lot when sewing!)

    For a first quilting project, it's amazing. I shall now confess that, completely untutored, not even by a Fab Four like you have been, I made my first quilt as a double bed job, and I used 8oz poly wadding - because a quilt should be thick to be warm, eh? Took bladdy ages and the thread wasn't quilting thread and when you pulled the quilt up under your chin you could hear snapping threads! I unpicked it an did it again with a decent wadding - it's still on our bed. All by hand. Must have been barmy! It was in 1998 - I was young then (comparatively!)

  5. Knowing that I am not the only one to drop clangers, does not lessen the 'oh, drat factor', girls!

    Although, I confess that reading your disaster tales has make me giggle!


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