Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

'Pick Four' Blog Hop - Day 3!

I do hope that you are enjoying Sue's Blog Hop as much as I am - all your lovely comments on my day on Wednesday when we started have delighted me!

Before I got stuck in to replying yesterday evening, I had another go at free machine quilting Stepping Stones - this time with an oiled-up sewing machine and cream quilting thread. Better, but I'll be scrutinising further this morning in daylight to see if I am happy with the result.

Then back to the computer - I've had some wonderful comments from 'no-reply' bloggers who haven't left me an email address which means that I can't get back in touch with you - which is going to be a bit tricky if you get drawn to win the book! The draw is open to midnight tonight (BST), so if you know that the above applies to you, leave me another comment on Wednesday's post with your email contact details.

And the techie bit for changing your settings so this doesn't happen again with the other girls on the Hop? In the blogger dashboard, 'edit profile' (left hand side by your photo) and tick 'show my email address'. Oh - and it's only the person whose blog you are leaving a comment on who can see your email address.

And now, you need to get yourselves off to Pat at Silver Thimble Talk - I'll be over soon to see what she has to say about Pick Four. She will be giving away a signed copy too - it's like Christmas, but knowing what the present will be! (Well, that's if your Christmas has an element of disappointment in that you might not get a present - or that you have to buy the present yourself - but for ten people it will be like Christmas. Oh stop it - you know what I mean.)

I loved seeing Mary at Quilt Hollow's wonderful Antique Nine Patch quilt yesterday - isn't it a stunner? If North Carolina wasn't so far away, I'd be across to steal it off her in a flash! Her book giveaway will be drawn on Saturday, so if you haven't participated, what are you waiting for...?


  1. I know it was a pain in the you-know-where to unpick all that, but I think you made the right decision, the cream thread looks great.

  2. Aha - yes, Sue, it most certainly was! Although it wasn't until I looked a the pics of the green/copper quilting against this cream attempt that I realised how much difference it made!

    Was it Ali who said to always take photos as your eyes don't always 'see' and that photos give a true view (or in the words of Buck's Fizz's 1982 hit 'the camera never lies')?


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