Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Monday, 1 August 2011

So Near But Not Quite There!

I sat down and finished the hand sewing the binding this evening!

Joanna asked, 'Don't you love doing the binding?' and yes, I do! Not sure if it is because it makes the quilt look so neat, or if it means you're on the home straight, and will soon be using the quilt to keep toasty warm.

Actually, keeping toasty warm is the last thing needed at the moment - the weather has been warm and sunny for quite a while, and sitting sewing this evening with (a) a cat and (b) a quilt on my lap was a bit much.

I haven't quite finished, though, as I want to put a label on the back.

Colleague Rita suggested that I embroider it, which I am mulling over. She also suggested that a small pearl button in the centre of each of the corner flower would look good, and I'm mulling over that too.

What do need a bit of attention - irritatingly - are some of the ends of the first few flowers that I quilted. My initial thread securing method was not good, and I need to rectify a few loose ends.


  1. Hooray, that looks absolutely brilliant! Well done on finishing it, many first projects end up half-finished in the back of the cupboard, so you've a major achievement here!

  2. Does Oliver think you are making that quilt for him? It's really gorgeous. You were very particular with it, and it shows. I think each choice you made along the way was the right one. Well done.

  3. Oliver looks extremely at home on that quilt, my Ollie would have done the same :}

  4. It's absolutely brilliant. As Sewali says, a lot of first projects enver do get finished so that makes your achievement specially special!

    I am no surre about the button idea myself. I can see that it would look great, but would it make the quilt a bit less snuggly? Whatever you decide though will be the right decision for you and for your quilt.

  5. I wouldn't have contemplated not competing it - after all, I would not have been able to look you lot in the eye, let along big sister Helen!

    Suspect that Oli thinks that all good things are laid on for his benefit, Joanna & Bilbo - certainly there are complaints to me if the world is not as he would like it!

    You are right about the buttons, Sue - appreciate your thoughts on that. :)


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