Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Productive Evening

I've spent this evening putting these lovely big friendly squares together. I love this cleverly designed pattern, there is no fiddly messing about!

I would have done more, however, despite having washed, ironed and starched the incredible shrinking cream fabric before I started - it continues to shrink when pressed.


It means that I'm re-piecing the green-cream-green strips as I go with a skinnier seam in order that the cream centre block measures the full 4".

It's paying off, though, as I'm not having to force the strips into matching up, and the size of the big blocks are spot-on, which I'm sure will help when it comes to the next stage.

And I'm being extremely cautious with the iron!


  1. Are we sure this cream fabric is 100% cotton? You could try a burn test - take a tiny bit (like 1cm tiny), put it in/on something metal, out in the yard would be good, and set light to it.

    This early my small brain cell cannot remember how to interpret the flame/ash - but I am sure if you Google it you'll find some facts.

    Apart from that, your blocks look wonderful - having decent instructions, properly written, makes all the difference (I know you found the Jelly Roll book was somewhat lacking in that department). grrrr)

  2. Sometimes, although we all hate doing it, a little bit of unsewing pays dividends.

    I was wondering too about the cream fabric maybe not being 100% cotton?

  3. Well, that is certainly a possibility, girls - although it does look and feel like cotton, and acts right in all ways but for it's shrinking habit.

    I think that you are right and it must have something synthetic in the mix - I had a look at 'burn testing', Bilbo, and thought that the complexity of interpretting the results wasn't worth the risk of burning down the house (yeah, I know that I am a proper grownup and everything, but even so).

    Given that once a quilt is assembled it isn't going to come under the iron ever again, I think I can get away with it - but I am glad that between scatty stars and this project I have used up virtually all of this fabric!


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