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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Quilting Gods?

After my grumpy post the other day about the Scatty Christmas Stars QAL quilt, the fairygodmother quilters Sue and Bilbo both recommended changing the railfence blocks - they being too strong for the star blocks, rather than my conclusion of changing the background on the star blocks, them being too weedy.

I had been all set to change the background of the star blocks into something stronger, so I had a grand dither of the first order.

Someone was looking down on me, though, as a very quick scout round the local Salvation Army shop yesterday lunchtime produced an outsized cotton top in grey with roses, and a yard and a half of rather lovely curtain fabric, and I'm thinking that the yellow part of the curtain can be the outer rails, and the grey-with-roses as the inner.

You'll have to use your imagination a bit here - and ignore the cat's bottom as he exits stage right. It looks good to me - mind you, I'll still have some serious wrestling to do when putting the railfences together with some of the star blocks, what with the latter being a bit dodgy, but it's going to be less time consuming re-doing the railfences than the star blocks.

In other news, as they say, I have put the skinny border onto my current project - the fat border & corners to piece and sew and I'll be ready for quilting!

The Festival of Quilts (yes, I know, pics soon, I promise!) has given me lots of ideas on that score, so much so that I keep changing my mind...

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  1. That's the problem with looking at loads of quilts at a quiltshow. You come out with so many ideas that you'll never live long enough to do them all!

    The narrow red border looks great on your other quilt - it really works as a stop-and-have-a-rest border, I love it.


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