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Sunday, 28 August 2011

'Pick Four' Blog Hop - Day 5!

I'm sorry to be late posting this - honestly - but I kept on going with just a bit more before I take a pic for the blog, just a bit more.... and before you know it, it is mid evening and I have finished the quilting the main body of Stepping Stones - hurrah!

And I haven't told you where you are going for Day 5 of the Sue Abrey's Pick Four bloghop yet - I'll show you the quilt first, then you can whizz off to the blog hop in a mo.

I had to do a bit of unpicking and have another go where one of the corners looked a bit scrunched up, but apart from that minor set back I am quite happy with this. I even managed some little curly bits (where I'd backed myself into a corner!).

The FMQ is not terribly even, but not disastrous either, and I had a kind email through earlier from Sand & Sunshine with some links to a couple of really useful sites which have 'FMQ step by step' guides on them - thank you, m'dear - so I can do some practise pieces.

My next decision is whether to quilt the borders in the same cream thread - where it will really show up, or use the green/copper variegated thread. Not sure if quilting in different colours for the main body and the border will look a bit funny?? All advice welcome on that one.

Now you've got a blog hop to zoom off to, and I have thread-ends to bury - so off you hop to see what Barb at Bejewelled Quilts has been up to. Just look at the lovely quilt that she has made from Pick Four - it looks fab! I was tempted to make that one myself...actually I'm even more tempted to make it now!

Barb will have a signed copy of Pick Four up for grabs (and the draw is still open at Silver Thimble and at Magnolia Bay Quilts) - so what are you waiting for?


  1. Hazel, m'dear, if you weren't happy with DARK thread on the light fabric in your quilt (and more power to you for spending the time removing it), why do you think you would be happy with LIGHT thread on dark fabric .... {only snortling a little}

    It is more than OK to use two threads in your quilting, heck, I've got a quilt hanging here which has about 17 different colours on it ..... Follow your instinct, think about the conversation we had over the binding for Helen's Quilt.

  2. OK, I came to say that if you weren't happy with the contrast of the darker thread on light fabrics, you're not going to like the effect of a light thread on a dark fabric. However, I'm not going to say it cos Bilbo already has.

    The quilt looks really great with your quilting to crinkle it, I love the beige fabric you've used in it.

  3. That's looking brilliant Hazel, I love it! I would go for the dark thread on the borders.

  4. Thank you, girls - knew you'd come up with the goods on this! And no sniggering at the back, thank you, Bilbo. {gg}

    Just got to decide whether to replicate meander pattern on the border, or something more ambitious...

  5. Thanks for mentioning me, I hesitated to do it because sometimes it seems like everyone already knows, but good information is always worth revisiting, or rolling your eyes at the person who passed it along - for the fifth time.

  6. Hey - it will be a long day away when *I* know all this stuff, S&S - your links were much appreciated!


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