Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Close Shave!

Yesterday's task was to cut all the fabric ready for my next project - and what a delight it is to have all the fabric cut ready for sewing for the whole quilt!

I did narrowly avoid DISASTER, however, which taught me a salutary lesson in concentration.

The 'shopping list' of fabrics is sensibly in the order of most to least needed; the cutting list in the order of fabrics needed. So far so good! However, the fabrics that I am using are different in colour to those listed - except two of my colours are similar to those used, but - crucially - I'm just not using these for same parts as they are in the pattern.

Even though I had taken a copy of the instructions and crossed out all of the instances the given colour and substituted the colour of the fabric that I am using, I still very nearly cut the wrong set of strips for a particular colour (compounded by the fact that my instances of scribbled 'green' look remarkably similar to the scribbled 'cream').

Spotted just in time - note to self to keep concentrating, and not pour a glass of rhubarb wine until after all the difficult bits are done!


  1. It is a good brain twisting exercise changing colors and then keeping track of what the subsitutes are. Quilting comes with so many benefits:)

  2. Don't worry sweetie. we've all done it. And when the day comes that you do cut your fabric wrong, you swear, cuss, and then put it in the "scrap box" and at some point in the future you'll use it for something else.

  3. Oh golly me, definitely stay off the wine until the cutting is finished LOL! Glad all ended well.

  4. It's a bit like crosswords isn't it when you change the colour? Good mental exercise!

  5. Yeah - well I think that the Telegraph cryptic crossword is good enough brain exercise! At least if that goes wrong it's just ink & paper, had I cut limited fabric out incorrectly, it would have made for a very different look - mind you, would the end product have been the worse for that?


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