Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

Here's what happened next...


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas Quiltalong! November, pt2

I'm doing pretty well so far today - hurrah!

The washing is on the line

The biscuits are cooling on the rack

I've given loads of thought as to how to quilt Scatty Stars, and I have a plan.

And a hitch.

I'm really not sure that I like this backing fabric. It's okay, and it's the best that I have, but as I am just about to nip up the road for a paper, I will have a scout round the charity shops in the town to see if I can do any better.


  1. Moving right along, I see! I can't wait to see how you quilt Scatty. I just love the colors you've used!!

  2. I have a load of wash done and the second in. No baking for me but those look yummy. If you can't find another - go with your original and get a finish. Love this quilt.

  3. I rather like the fabric for the backing, and you could always use it for the binding too, to tie it all together.

    Your biccies look yummy. Shame I don't live a bit nearer, or I'd pop over to test them for you.

  4. The backing does a nice think for the blue floral print and brings it together nicely, but no telling what you've found while you were out.

  5. Thanks for your comments, girls.

    Although I found FMQ so much fun, Reenie, I thought Scatty Stars needed a little order in the quilting too.

    I think that I could wait a long time to find the 'perfect' fabric for the backing, Sharon, so I've done as you suggest and pressed on with what I have.

    I don't think that the backing will make a strong enough binding, Sue, although that would have tied both sides in nicely. In retrospect, I could have used some of the backing as a border to incorporate it into the design - but there you go.

    It does the job well enough, I think, Elizabeth - nothing better to be scouted out this afternoon, anyway!

  6. That's quite a mornings activity! The cookies look delicious! Not a good drying day here either!

  7. They are 'abbey crunch' style biscuits, Trudi. They take about 5 minutes to knock up and taste delicious - let me know if you want the recipe.


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