Having been given a jelly roll and a quilting book for Christmas 2010, there is no excuse not to get on with quiltmaking.

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Looking Forward to Saturday...

...because it will be the last session of Sue & Cathi's Christmas Quiltalong, and having missed last month's I now have my work cut out to finish Scatty Stars.

I've decided that I don't need another border on top of the grey that is half attached - it's quite balanced as it is, I think. Then I'll use the yellow for the binding.

So I need to finish sewing on the skinny grey border, sandwich, quilt, and bind. Doesn't sound much to do when you say it quickly, does it?



  1. Looking good Hazel, I'm looking forward to seeing it quilted. I'm on holiday for a week, I'm sure it'll all be done by the time I get back :o).

    Gonna poke my nose in too, and suggest that if you have enough, the blue floral might make a better binding.

  2. I continue to be HUGELY impressed by your self-control and ability to finish a project before rushing headlong into the next one (which is what the rest of us do!)

  3. I've always loved the colors you used in this quilt. It looks great. See you Saturday.

  4. Looking good. can't wait to see is all done!

  5. It really looks great, and I can't wait to see it quilted.

    I think that my nose is going to join Sewali's and agree that the blue floral would also make a lovely binding, if you have enough.

    See you smollow, as my grandson used to say.

  6. Have a lovely time, Ali - it's a beautiful time of the year.

    I've not got enough of the floral fabric left, but I think that you and Sue are right that it needs a strong colour binding to edge. The yellow that I have in mind should do the job, but I don't need to make up my mind just at the mo.

    Next project(s) being cogitated on as we speak, Bilbo! {g}

    Grey & yellow aren't colours which I am naturally drawn to, Joanna, but I am pleased with the overall look & balance.

    Thank you Mrs P!

    Have made quilting decisions, Sue - just need to see if what I think will be good, will actually BE good!

  7. So organized and a huge list - love the hat.


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